Meetings and events

The idea contains the clear purpose of providing a new proposal for contextualization and dissemination of enclaves, whether historical, architectural or unique, from a novel vision that combines Poetry, Literary and Music.
a tour of the monument, its rooms, its patios or its gardens is proposed, where Poetry is used as the guiding thread of the experience, an experience that, in addition to poetic texts and historical references, is complemented by music performed live . Places and characters related to the intimate and quasi-secret history of the emblematic enclaves chosen for each project, are glossed and, most importantly, made known to the potential audience receiving the proposal in a playful, warm and full way of musical quality.


El Alcázar / From Pedro I to Luís Cernuda

Monastery of Santa Paula / Treasures of hidden seville

Immerse ourselves in the history of one of the most magical places in Seville is our proposal with the Convent of Santa Paula, a unique experience where we will move back in time and where we will evoke the most important moments of this incredible venue, the music, the smell of orange blossom will make us move to the cloister and evoke in a unique way life inside the monastery walls.

Dramatized shows in different places

Our specialty is creating special shows tailored to the client in unique places such as palaces, museums … or any building or space that needs it, and with a varied theme that ranges from a painter, a historical figure or a literary character or some fictional. We can adapt some of our products or create a new one as requested.

Dramatized routes in Seville

Creation of activities for events and presentations.

We collaborate with companies and institutions to publicize their product.We put as an example the presentation made by the Convention Bureau of Seville, with Turismo de Andalucía and Prodetur for the dissemination of Seville as a place of events at a national and international level, with presentations in markets of companies and agencies. Made to commemorate the anniversary of the First Around the World.

Give us your idea or let us design it for you. It will remain; Pleasantly surprised at the possibilities of ConocerSevilla.