Our collaborators and experts are essential for the operation of our company, in this section you can meet them.

Our collaborator in Literature

Rafael Roblas

  • Degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Seville.
  • Ph.D. in Philology with distinction Cum Laudem for his thesis on the work of the poet Rafel Montesinos.
  • Secondary School Teacher

He has published several studies and comments in books and specialized magazines on the figure of Rafael Montesinos. Various publications in books, newsletters. Participation in various lectures and courses on poetry. Since the beginning of our company he has been our collaborator and advisor in the literary routes contributing his great formation to all our activities.

Our collaborator in Early and Renaissance Music

Alvaro Garrido

  • The leader of Arcadiantiqua and collaborator of Conocer Sevilla in all its projects.

The trajectory of Arcadiantiqua has been marked by a series of projects that, from the creation of specialized musical groups, to the programming of Early Music Festivals and the realization of proposals related to the didactic field, have been marking a clear line where the parameters of quality and, what we consider very important, the relationship with the potential public, have been differentiating signs of the project.

Groups such as Artefactum, Música Prima, More Hispano, Marizápalos, Minis-triles Hispalensis, Clarines de Batalla and renowned soloists are part of the musical offerings of the project. Early Music Festivals, such as that of Olivares or that of the University of Seville have been created or promoted through the work of Arcadiantiqua. The great majority of festivals in our country, from Barcelona to Aranjuez or from Seville to Úbeda and Baeza, have counted with ensembles proposed by this project.

Arcadiantiqua has also been present in festivals abroad: Japan, Australia, Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Morocco…

Our collaborator in Symphonic Music

Pedro Vazquez

  • Managing Director of the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Musical Projects, Orchestra Conductor and Pianist
  • President of the Federación Andaluza de Juventudes Musicales, member of the Board of Directors of Escuela Creativa de Andalucía, Director of the Orquesta Metropolitana de Sevilla, Founder and Managing Director of Orquestas Inclusivas.

Art and culture, according to Vázquez, are an optimal tool as educating and sensitizing agents, as well as developers of creativity and critical thinking.

Meet the Professor Leonid N. Sintsev, Professor at the Conservatorio Superior de San Petersburgo with whom he studied in Barcelona and St. Petersburg until 1998, when he received a scholarship from the Área de Fomento y Promoción Cultural de la Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía to perfect his training in Germany with Oh-Havenith, professor at the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt.

It will be the Conductor Andrea Licata the Maestro with whom he works in a meticulous way and of whom he is his stable assistant in different theaters of the world, specializing in the Italian lyric repertoire. He also continues to receive important advice from Maestro Licata. Miguel Roa on the lyric repertoire and zarzuela.

He has also been a student of Maestros Salvador Mas (Vienna and Barcelona 2005-2007), Jörg Bierhance (Vienna and Munich 2005-2007) and Jordi Mora (Barcelona 2006-2008) with whom he studies classical and romantic repertoire.

He receives advice from other masters such as Juan Luis Pérez and Alexander Polischuk and works as assistant conductor with Master Pedro Halffter in the Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla.

Our partner in Events

Xabier Mirambel

Our idea is to be able to help you for first class events and for that we count on the collaboration of a real specialist, through his agency  Itravel, has organized first class events both in our city and elsewhere. Its enormous background with successful experiences in Spain, America: Panama, Mexico… and its delegations in different parts of the world (Rome, Mexico, Ibiza…), contacts with luxury chains in almost all Latin America and Spain.

This great Catalan professional who fell in love with Seville has brought to our city the best of his great professionalism and we are very fortunate to be able to count on him, his friendship, his collaboration and his advice.

Getting to know Seville

Conocer Sevilla is the dream of creating a company that would transmit what Seville really is, it was born out of our commitment and passion for the city; we want to transmit its soul, its traditions, its art, its literatura, do not look here for a city of stereotypes, you will not find it, but the true essence of Seville. A place that was decisive for the history of mankind, the city that has inspired more operas in the world, one of the cities whose name has been translated into more languages, the place where the first Spanish grammar was created, or the first bible was translated into our language, the city of the first round-the-world tour, the city of the historias de Amor and the poets, where the Cantigas were written, the city of Murillo and Velázquez, the head of the Empire where the sun never set… we will help you discover places different from the ones we think of when we talk about it.

A city that serves for the Sevillian to discover his inner self and the visitor to discover something he never imagined. Through history, music, poetry or theater we will try to discover the soul of what Cervantes called New Rome.

About Us

It all started with an art historian who loved his city, started this madness and gave it shape by learning about the work of an Italian who changed cultural management in Spain.

From there Macarena, Manu, José Mari, Rafa, María, Adrián, Amanda, Carlos, Sara, Alejandro, Javi, David, Julia, Vanesa, Luna, Manuel, Juanjo, José, Lola, Rosario, Belén, Tere, Reme, Carmen… all of them have made us become one of the cultural references of quality since 2008.

In addition, we have also been able to help some companies in the equity area such as Cenarte or advising prestigious theatrical groups, such as síndrome Clown.