If you want a personalized and exclusive service tailored to your needs without sharing with other people, ConocerSevilla also offers it, our idea is to serve all customers and personally meet their requests however demanding and exclusive they may be through our private visits to Seville.

We can offer you exclusive products for you or for your group of friends, company… or we can design something customized for you. Thanks to our management you will be able to access to singular places in an exclusive way, visit artisan workshops (sculptors, goldsmiths, ceramists.), close palaces, private concerts, individualized visits to museums or monographic on a thematic.

But we can go a step further, and discover unique places with visits that only our company performs as the Covers of the Cathedral of Seville, where you can learn not only the history of the Cathedral but the city in a way you never imagined. In addition to spaces inaccessible to the general public and that we can open to our customers.

Cubiertas catedral visita exclusiva

Our personalized and exclusive services can be:

    • Only one route or one monument
    • A half-day visit
    • Full day visit
    • A multi-day project in Seville capital, province and other places in Andalusia.

    We want you to live unique experiences with us and we want you to enjoy history and heritage in a unique way.

    Visita privada al Salvador
    Another of the options that we propose is the special visit to the temple of the Savior visiting covers, crypts, and the beautiful shrine of the Virgin of the Waters, one of the great unknown jewels of the city that we can make in our visit Footprint of the Sacred. These are some of the proposals that we have designed to perform these personalized and exclusive services privately in the city. In addition to any other idea that you wish.
    The province of Seville: Carmona, Ecija, Osuna, Olivares, Marchena…
    Contents: The province of Seville. The other Seville. Carmona. Ecija. The city of the towers. Osuna. Marchena. Olivares. The city of the Conde Duque. Umbrete. Heritage and wineries. Morón, Utrera, Lebrija…

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    Private visit to convents and churches

    Our private visit convents and churches in addition to discovering these magical places one of the main reasons for this visit is that many of the wonders and treasures of Seville are…

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    Private tour: Literary Seville

    In our private tour of literary Seville we offer you a special activity where you will learn about some of the most distinguished writers who have passed through our city, its history, its…

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    Private visit to the Holy Week in Seville

    In our private visit to the Holy Week of Seville we will try to bring you closer to what is undoubtedly the great celebration of Seville: the Holy Week, thanks to this route…

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    Private tour Get to know Seville

    In this private tour Conocer Sevilla, you will be able to enjoy in an exclusive way the most important landmarks of the city, its history and some of the most remarkable monuments. The idea is…

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    Visit to a livestock farm

    The visit to a cattle ranch is one of the great experiences that gives our land, with this activity we can contemplate in nature the wild cattle and also meet some of the most important…

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    Private tour and balloon ride

    This interesting proposal consists of a unique experience, a balloon ride and an exclusive visit that will make this activity an unrepeatable experience.

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    Hospital de la Caridad: A Journey through Time

    We propose a very special visit called a journey through time in the Hospital de la Caridad. On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Alfonso X the Wise and the anniversary of Valdés Leal.

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    Other personalized services:

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