Who we are?

ConocerSevilla, is a company specialized in heritage interpretation and cultural management. Our training and experience make us a unique company that approaches culture and art in a different way to how it has been treated until now. We try to change the static and boring vision that many people have of culture, for a dynamic and participative approach, where the client considers himself part of it and can get to know what so many times has seemed so far away. These are the keys to the uniqueness of ConocerSevilla. Registered in the Cultural Industries Database of the Andalusian Institute of Arts and Letters (Ministry of Culture). ConocerSevilla is part of the network culture and urban tourism. Seventeen companies and cultural associations from as many Spanish and European cities today formed the network ‘Culture and Urban Tourism’, with which they will offer and promote various activities to disseminate history, art and culture as a leisure alternative. We are a company specialized in Heritage Interpretation and cultural management. We are also a very active part of the Seville Convention Bureau

What sets us apart?

We believe that the great heritage of the company is the “know how” of its members, which together with their passion and love for their work are the keys to the uniqueness of “Conocer Sevilla“.

We want to give ideas but at the same time we like the client to develop his creativity, so in addition to our predefined routes we are open to all kinds of possibilities and suggestions, the client can give us his idea and we will make it come true.

We are a company that wants to reach all sectors and for this reason we will also count when necessary with prominent figures from the world of art and history to collaborate with us (academics, university professors.).

Our company concept is to discover inaccessible, hidden places that thanks to Conocer Sevilla can be known by our customers.

From our beginnings we have wanted to be a reference of the Culture of Seville.

Who do we work with?

We try to carry out our work with the utmost rigor, which has made it possible for us to work with some of the most important institutions in the city and we have had the honor of carrying out activities of the highest responsibility.



We invite you to discover other companies with which you can discover other corners of Spain and also partners of ConocerSevilla, since our idea is to be able to offer more services to our clients every day and to try to improve at every moment.