Through these units and activities try to bring the richness of our city and other parts of Andalucia to the school from elementary through high school to complete our activities with the education of teachers in the classroom.

Dramatized didactic units

Dramatized didactic units

In this proposal we try to make the theater serve us to transmit the message. Our dramatized visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, Cervantes’s Seville and the Golden Age, Itálica, legends, The First Around the World, Bécquer … are some of the examples that we can carry out with students.

We’re going to opera

In this activity we are going to discover some of the most famous operas in Seville. From the famous figaro barber, to the mischievous Don Juan, passing through the most famous cigar maker in Seville: Carmen.

Literature in Seville

Seville has always been the great city of literature in Spain, since the Golden Age. In fact, Cervantes wrote the first Volume of Don Quixote in Seville, with this activity we want students to know the importance of the city in literature

Discover the Cathedral of Seville

If there is a place full of stories, legends and riches, it is the Cathedral of Seville, schoolchildren who visit it will surely be surprised by all that this jewel can contribute in all aspects.