Logo de la empresa Conocer Sevilla

ConocerSevilla.com, is a company specialized in the interpretation of the Patrimony and the cultural management.

Our formation and experience turn to us a singular company that approaches the culture and the art of way different from how it has treated until this moment. We tried to change the static and boring vision that much people have of the culture, by a dynamic approach, where the clients consider themselves part of it, and they can KNOW what in so many occasions it seems to be so far to him. These are the keys of the singularity of ConocerSevilla.com.

Cultura y Turismo Urbano

Inscribed in Registro de Industrias Culturales del Instituto Andaluz de las Artes y las letras (Consejería de Cultura.).

ConocerSevilla.com comprises of the network . CULTURE AND URBAN TOURISM. Seventeen companies and cultural associations of other so many Spanish and European cities conformed the network today “Culture and Urban Tourism”, with which they will offer and promote diverse activities to spread history, the art and the culture like leisure alternative. We are a company specialized in the Interpretation of the Patrimony and the cultural management.


We think that the great patrimony of the company is “know how” of the members together with their passion and love by their work are the keys of the singularity of “Conocer Sevilla”.

We want to give ideas but simultaneously like that the client develops his creativity, thus in addition to our predefined routes we are open to all type of possibilities and suggestions, the client can give his idea us and we will make reality.

We are a company that it wants to arrive at all the sectors and for this reason also it will count when it is necessary with outstanding figures of the world of the art and history to collaborate with us (academic, university professors.)

Our concept of company happens to discover inaccessible, hidden places and that thanks to ConocerSevilla.com could be known by our clients.


We invite you to discover other companies with which to discover other parts of Spain and also partners ConocerSevilla.com

Úbeda, Baeza y Jaen
País Vasco